Improved /coins/{id}/tickers

Starting from April 14th, 2020, there's a crucial update to the /coins/{id}/tickers API endpoint. Previously, the converted_last value represented the converted price per coin in USD. Now, it will accurately reflect the market price of the base currency itself.

For example, if querying coins/tether/tickers, and there's a BTC/USDT ticker pair, the old converted_last might show 6491.51 USD. After the update, it will return 1, representing the actual market price of Tether.

If you utilize converted_last for calculations, be aware of potential breaking changes and take necessary actions. If it's solely for display, no action is required, as this update ensures a more accurate representation of the intended value.

Example of responses:

  "name": "Tether",
  "tickers": [
    "base": "BTC",
    "target": "USDT",
    "converted_last": {
      "btc": 0.00002336, //USDT price in BTC
      "eth": 0.00043493, // USDT price in ETH
      "usd": 0.99901 πŸ‘ˆ //showing USDT price instead of Bitcoin Price
    "coin_id": "bitcoin",
    "target_coin_id": "tether"