Pool data now returns transaction stats for the last 1 hour. Unique buyers and sellers in the last 1 hour and 24 hours are now returned in the response

The web_slug data is now available in the following endpoints.

This addition allows users to accurately link to a CoinGecko coin page using www.coingecko.com/en/{web_slug}.

Example of responses:

  "id": "bitcoin",
  "symbol": "btc",
  "name": "Bitcoin",
  "web_slug": "bitcoin", πŸ‘ˆ
  "tickers": [...]

For the /asset_platforms endpoint, we've introduced the native_coin_id data. This enables users to obtain the coin ID of different blockchain networks or asset platforms that may not have a contract address to look up

Example of responses:

  "id": "polygon-pos",
  "chain_identifier": 137,
  "name": "Polygon POS",
  "shortname": "MATIC", 
  "native_coin_id": "matic-network" πŸ‘ˆ

Pool response data now returns price in the base and quote token of the pool base_token_price_quote_token and quote_token_price_base_token for your convenience without the need to do additional calculation to derive these values

Added new endpoints to allow querying multiple pools and tokens in a single API call. /networks/{network}/pools/multi/{addresses} and /networks/{network}/tokens/multi/{addresses}

  • More data added to the Pool response such as FDV, market cap (from CoinGecko if available), price change percentage, volume, number of buy/sell transactions
  • More data added when querying for token such as FDV, volume, market cap, and the top 3 pools

The uses of 'precision' parameter allows to specify price data in full or 0-18 decimals, and previously was only made available for /simple/price and /simple/token_price/{id} endpoints.

This parameter is now supported for more endpoints as listed below: