This endpoint allows you to get the historical chart data of a coin including time in UNIX, price, market cap and 24hrs volume based on particular coin id.



  • You may obtain the coin id (api id) via several ways:
    • refers to respective coin page and find ‘api id’
    • refers to /coins/list endpoint
    • refers to google sheets here
  • You may use tools like epoch converter to convert human readable date to UNIX timestamp



  • You may leave the interval as empty for automatic granularity:
    • 1 day from current time = 5-minutely data
    • 2 - 90 days from current time = hourly data
    • above 90 days from current time = daily data (00:00 UTC)
  • Cache / Update Frequency:
    • every 5 minutes for all the API plans
    • The last completed UTC day (00:00) is available 35 minutes after midnight on the next UTC day (00:35). The cache will always expire at 00:40 UTC
  • Access to historical data via the Public API (Demo plan) is restricted to the past 365 days only. To access the complete range of historical data, please subscribe to one of our paid plans to obtain a Pro-API key.
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