Important Note

This documentation is exclusively for Public API users (Demo plan).

To access the Pro API Documentation (for paid plan subscribers), please refer to v3.1.1 instead

Started in 2014, CoinGecko is the world's largest independent crypto data aggregator that is integrated with more than 900 crypto exchanges and lists more than 12,000 coins. CoinGecko API offers the most comprehensive and reliable crypto market data through RESTful JSON endpoints.

NEW: CoinGecko Pro API now serves on-chain DEX data (Beta) across 100+ blockchain networks and 800+ decentralized exchanges (DEXes), powered by GeckoTerminal.

Thousands of forward-thinking projects, Web3 developers, researchers, institutions, and enterprises use our API to obtain price feeds, market data, metadata, and historical data of crypto assets, NFTs, and exchanges.

Here are some of the common use cases for clients who use CoinGecko API:

  • Crypto Exchanges (CEX, DEX), Trading Apps
  • Wallets (Hot, ColdοΌ‰
  • Data Aggregator, Crypto Screener, Analytics Dashboard
  • Block Explorer, Portfolio Tracker
  • DeFi Protocols, NFT Marketplaces, Digital Bank
  • Backtesting Trading Strategy
  • Accounting, Tax, Audit, HR Payroll
  • Research & Analysis: Media, Institution, Academic, VC, Financial
  • Oracles, Bots, Payments, E-commerce