Coin Historical Chart Data by ID

This endpoint allows you to get the historical chart data of a coin including time in UNIX, price, market cap and 24hrs volume based on particular coin id.



  • You may obtain the coin id (api id) via several ways:
    • refers to respective coin page and find โ€˜api idโ€™
    • refers to /coins/list endpoint
    • refers to google sheets here
  • You may use tools like epoch converter to convert human readable date to UNIX timestamp



  • You may leave the interval params as empty for automatic granularity:
    • 1 day from current time = 5-minutely data
    • 2 - 90 days from current time = hourly data
    • above 90 days from current time = daily data (00:00 UTC)
  • For non-Enterprise plan subscribers who would like to get hourly data, please leave the interval params empty for auto granularity
  • The 5-minutely and hourly interval params are also exclusively available to Enterprise plan subscribers, bypassing auto-granularity:
    • interval=5m: 5-minutely historical data (responses include information from the past 10 days, up until 2 days ago)
    • interval=hourly: hourly historical dataโ€จ(responses include information from the past 100 days, up until now)
  • Cache / Update Frequency:
    • every 5 minutes for all the API plans
    • The last completed UTC day (00:00) is available 35 minutes after midnight on the next UTC day (00:35). The cache will always expire at 00:40 UTC
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