1. Get data by ID or Address

Methods to query price & market data of coins

a. Coin ID

Using /simple/price endpoint as example:


The provided endpoint URL includes parameters such as ids=bitcoin and vs_currencies=usd, indicating that the intention to retrieve the current price of Bitcoin in US Dollars.

How to obtain Coin ID aka API ID? There are 3 options:

  • Use /coins/list endpoint

    Example of responses:

      "id": "bitcoin", πŸ‘ˆ
      "symbol": "btc",
      "name": "Bitcoin"
  • View the full list of coins with api id, symbol and name using this Google Sheet

  • Look for the "API Idβ€œ by visiting the info section of a coin page on CoinGecko

    [Bitcoin Coin Page](https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/bitcoin)

    Bitcoin Coin Page

b. Contract Address

Other than using Coin ID, you may also query price & market data of a coin using contract address:

Using /simple/token_price/{id} endpoint as example:


There are 3 parameters values required to apply for this endpoint:

  • id: Ethereum (Asset Platform ID)
  • contract_addresses: 0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48 (Contract Address)
  • vs_currencies: usd (Target Currencies)

How to obtain Coins/Tokens Contract Address

  • Use /coins/list endpoint (include_platform=true)
    Example of responses:

        "id": "1inch",
        "symbol": "1inch",
        "name": "1inch",
        "platforms": {
          "ethereum": "0x111111111117dc0aa78b770fa6a738034120c302",
          "avalanche": "0xd501281565bf7789224523144fe5d98e8b28f267",
          "binance-smart-chain": "0x111111111117dc0aa78b770fa6a738034120c302",
          "near-protocol": "111111111117dc0aa78b770fa6a738034120c302.factory.bridge.near",
          "energi": "0xdda6205dc3f47e5280eb726613b27374eee9d130",
          "harmony-shard-0": "0x58f1b044d8308812881a1433d9bbeff99975e70c",
          "polygon-pos": "0x9c2c5fd7b07e95ee044ddeba0e97a665f142394f"
  • Look for the "Contractβ€œ by visiting the info section of a coin page on CoinGecko



    • Not all coins will have a contract address listed on the CoinGecko site
    • If an address is not shown on the CoinGecko page, you will not be able to query the coin by its contract address via the API
    • The contract addresses are curated by the CoinGecko team, if you find out any missing contract address, feel free to share with us to review.
[USDC Coin Page](https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/usdc)

USDC Coin Page

Specify target currency to return

In the 2 examples above, both queries for Coin ID and Contract Address contain vs_currencies=usd. Most of the CoinGecko API endpoints will require you to specify the currency

CoinGecko API data supports all major fiat currencies and some famous crypto currencies like the following:

TypeCurrencyvs_currencies (Parameters value)
FiatUS Dollarusd
FiatJapanese Yenjpy
CryptocurrencyBinance Coinbnb

For full list of supported currencies, please go to /simple/supported_vs_currencies endpoint

Other way to obtain coin prices & market data

Using /coins/market endpoint as example to query prices and market data of coins in bulk


There are 4 parameters values applied for this endpoint:

  • vs_currency: usd
  • order: market_cap_desc
    The endpoint response will be sorted in descending order, from the coins with the largest market cap to those with the smallest
  • per_page: 100
    The results of coins per page are set at 100 in this case (maximum is 250)
  • page: 1
    The page number of the results is determined by the parameter per_page. In the case of per_page=100 and page=2, the responses will include coins ranked 101 to 200 on CoinGecko, sorted by market cap, as per the specified endpoint